Monday, December 1, 2014


I've decided to begin the quest toward earning the title of Master Model Railroader (MMR) in the National Model Railroad Association's (NMRA) Achievement Program (AP).  A large part of the AP is documentation of what you have built, how it was built, and what it represents.  That's where this blog comes in.  My intention is to update these pages as I go, recording my models as I go.

Though I've modeled many things in the past, I'm going to start from scratch with this quest.  Earning the MMR title is really something that I want to do for myself, and I want it to be a beginning to end journey.  I'm not out to see if I'm better than other modelers.  I'm in it to see if I can do it, and to hopefully improve my modeling along the way.

As part of my documentation, I'm going to try to keep track of costs as I go.  As earning the MMR title is a years-long process, I'm sort of curious how much it will cost.

So, off I go.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Elroy,

    Hello! I'm a fellow model railroader, modeling the Washington County RR's Lyndonville sub, circa 2002, in N scale. I live in New Hampshire.

    I'm wondering if you still model the Green Mountain in N scale? I hope to hear from you. My email is