Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Structures: Gabbi's Gifts - 2

Most of today's progress revolved around the windows of the building's upper levels.  I clipped, sanded, glued, and filled as needed to get the three-section window pieces to fit together properly.  I then cut bottoms for them out of card-stock, which also helped them align to the top of the building better.

I also decided to detail one of the upper rooms, which will hopefully show up well once the building is lit.  I cut away the upper right portion of the main structure, then added a card-stock window seat.

The final step of the day was to put a base coat of black on the interior of the building.  This will block the interior light, so that the walls don't glow once the lighting is installed.

Window installations and cut-away for detail room.

Test fit of windows

Window seat

Light blocking paint

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