Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Structures: Gabbi's Gifts - Beginning

DPM Reeds Books kit pieces
The first category that I'm going to work on earning a certificate for is Structures.  For this category, 12 structures must be built.  Six must be scratch-built, one must be a bridge, and those that are not scratch-built should be super-detailed.

While pawing around in my box of n-scale stuff, I found a Design Preservation Models (DPM) kit that I had purchased at a train show years ago.  The kit, Reeds Books, I thought would be a good start.  I can assemble the kit, super detail it, and use it as one of my 12 structures.  I figure that if I can complete one building every month, I'll have my first AP certificate by next year.

Last night I started the kit by cutting off the tabs and sprue from the major walls, then sanding the edges square.  I rigged up a jig from LEGO parts to help with the sanding so that I wouldn't tilt the walls and end up with a beveled edge.

While working on sanding, I brainstormed ideas for the building.  I've decided to create the main shop on the lower floor as "Gabbi's Gifts" in honor of my daughter Gabriella.  As part of the detailing, I'll add window lettering and display racks to the interior.  I'd also like to light the structure.

On the back of the building, there was a nice molded set of double-doors for a loading area.  Big spaces like that are nice for adding detail, so I cut the doors out.  I'll glue them back into place in an open position, and detail the inside of the delivery area.

LEGO sanding jig
Last night's progress

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